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Are you looking for a dirt cheap laptop?

If you're looking for a dirt cheap laptop, Amazon is the best place to find one.  Not only do they offer brand new laptops at cheap prices, but if you are looking to spend less than $300, they offer used laptops that will fit your budget.

Amazon also offers customer reviews of the product listed, so you can see if the laptop is a good investment before you buy it.    


A few things to look for when choosing a laptop

If you are planning to run multiple applications simultaneously on a Windows Vista laptop, you should consider loading the notebook with 2 GB of RAM.  

Make sure the laptop comes preloaded with the Microsoft operating systems that you will need, such as Microsoft Word, etc. 

When comparing laptops-  if one has the exact same hardware in it as another and costs more, the higher price tag is usually based strictly upon brand name, so choose the cheaper laptop.